Bring a little more art & balance in your life with this beautiful Dutch Design Deluxe by Gijs Bakker


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Product Info
• Size: 38,5x38,5x34 cm
• Weight: 2,11 kg
• Ring: Stainless steel
• Tray: ABS plastic
• Antislip: Rubber

• Handwash only
• Do not store in the freezer
• Use with caution around children
• Be careful while carrying hot liquids or food
• Keep your eyes on the Balance Tray while carrying it
• Avoid contact with hot glasses/dishes, use a coaster

Dutch Design
01 / 08

Dutch Design is a relatively young movement within the industrial design world that became widely known in the early 1990s. The first show of Droog Design during the Milan design week of 1993 is seen by many as the start of the Dutch Design movement. Droog Design is an international collective of Dutch designers, products and more, which was co-founded by none other than Gijs Bakker himself.

Exclusive Gift
02 / 08
Exclusive Gift

By gifting a Balance Tray, designed by Gijs Bakker, to a dear one, business partner or even a colleague, you are not only giving an original gift, but you also pass on our philosophy that the greatest happiness comes from sharing with others.

So, whether you are going to a wedding, birthday party, housewarming party or business meeting, the Balance Tray is the perfect and most thoughtful gift for every occasion!

One hand free
03 / 08
Always one hand
free to use

This modern-day piece of art by Gijs Bakker does not only delight the eyes, but also ensures that from now on you will always have one hand free to use while carrying around your serving tray in style, without spilling a single drop of your favourite drinks. A true must-have for every household!

04 / 08

The Balance Tray, designed by Gijs Bakker, makes it easy for you to walk around at home carrying your favourite drinks. It is designed in such a dynamic way, so that the Balance Tray balances itself. Thanks to that and the rubber anti-slip layer we put on the surface of the tray, you will probably never drop a single glass anymore...

05 / 08
Foldable &
easy to store

The Balance Tray by Gijs Bakker is designed to be fodable, which makes it easy for you to store it, even in small spaces. But why would you want to store such a beautiful piece of art if you can show it off to your friends and famliy?

Hold up to 10 cups
06 / 08
Hold up to 10 cups

The Balance Tray, designed by Gijs Bakker, is made from ABS plastic and is supported by a firm stainless steel frame. The Balance Tray is made to be strong and able to lift up to 10 cups of drinks at once!
Permission to show your muscles: GRANTED.

Detachable tray
07 / 08
Detachable tray

The plastic tray from the Balance Tray by Gijs Bakker is detachable. It can be attached or detached from the metal framework by simply clicking it in or out of place. This way it is much easier to clean your Balance Tray.

Handwash only
08 / 08
Handwash only

To ensure that the Balance Tray, designed by Gijs Bakker remains at full beauty, we recommend you clean the tray with handwash only. This way it won't get damaged in the dishwasher and you can enjoy the Balance Tray for a long time.
Seems like a win-win for you and your Balance Tray.

Dutch Design
Exclusive Gift
One hand free
Hold up to 10 cups
Detachable tray
Handwash only
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Balance Tray