Dutch Design Deluxe

Dutch Design is a relatively young movement within the industrial design world that became widely known in the early 1990s. The movement is recognised for its creative, innovative, cheerful, but minimalistic character. Sustainability often also plays an important role in the Dutch Design industry.

The first show of Droog Design during the Milan design week of 1993 is seen by many as the start of the Dutch Design movement. Droog Design is an international collective of Dutch designers, products and more, which was co-founded by none other than Gijs Bakker himself.

There had been designer work from Dutch soil before the foundation of Droog Design. However, the establishment of this collective, gave many Dutch designers the opportunity to be heard. This made that Dutch Design is now a movement known by designer collectors and lovers all over the world.

Dutch Design obviously means design from Dutch soil and/or designers, but it is much more than that. The characteristic of the Dutch Design movement is that apart from its original purpose, the design also has remarkable unique features and often a story to it, which makes it a creative and cheerful piece of art in addition to its utility. Dutch Design has also become increasingly characterized by the use of innovative techniques over time.

Some exceptional Dutch designers, like Gijs Bakker for instance, are also broadly recognised as artists. They have created unique work that is bought by collectors and showcased in museums. For one project they are typified as an artist, because the product is mostly aesthetic, but for another project they especially show their skill to design a product that is easy to use in certain occasions. Of course, most of these designers come up with a very diverse range of products and they often tend to aim for a certain balance between aesthetics and ease of use.

The team behind Balance Tray aims to give you a taste of this balance between design and utility. But our ambition reaches beyond bringing you just this one remarkable product. Our ultimate vision and long-term goal is to expand the range of products that we provide and to create a complete, extensive catalogue of amazing products from the Dutch Design world.

We call this initiative ‘Dutch Design Deluxe’.